Glen Anderson, submitted to The Seattle P-I November 27, 2010

It is easy to ridicule North Korea for wasting money on militarism instead of taking care of its own people. Many of North Korea’s people suffer poverty and hunger while the government spends money it doesn’t have on nuclear weapons and threatening other countries.

Then I look at the United States, which has millions of Americans living in poverty, homeless, relying on food banks, while the U.S. government runs massive deficits to spend as much on the military as all other nations of the world combined.

The Soviet Union’s futile, unwinnable nine-year war in Afghanistan led to its bankruptcy and collapse as an empire. Now the U.S. has exceeded the USSR’s length of time in our own futile, unwinnable war in Afghanistan, which is bankrupting the U.S. and leading to the collapse of the U.S. empire.

When Americans tell North Korea to change its priorities, I hope they will extend the same advice to our own government.



Glen Anderson

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