June 28 – July 1, 2019

61st Annual Fellowship of Reconciliation NW Regional Conference at Seabeck, WA

A new approach in 2019! Traditionally we have had multiple workshops on a variety of issues under a common theme. In recognition of activists’ needs at this particular point in time, all of our 200-250 attendees will share a single focus. You are invited to join us for a long weekend of learning and growing and practicing in community.

Fees for the conference, room and board will range from $250-$350. Here is a link to the conference center’s website Limited funds will be available for folks needing a subsidy. We are fundraising now to be able to support the financial needs of as many attendees as possible. Please consider beginning your own fundraising now.

This is a family friendly event with child care available during the conference day.

More information and online registration are coming soon!

Fierce Vulnerability: A Radical Movement of Healing & Transformation

Breaking Free from the Cycle of Trauma and Shame

All of us have been traumatized living within a dehumanizing and genocidal civilization. This trauma is too often perpetuated and passed on through the weapon of shame. Having seen the toxic and paralyzing effect of a culture of shaming on activist communities, we commit to not perpetuating trauma and shame. We strive to honor each other’s trauma with empathy, and rather than internalizing and passing on that trauma, we seek to hold it with compassion and love. We commit to not forgetting the injustices that have caused trauma, while remembering how easily we ourselves can justify harming others. Resisting the tendency toward shame allows us the space for the difficult process of being accountable for genuine guilt, repentance, and healing.

What is Fierce Vulnerability?

Vulnerability is our strength — made evident as a lived combination of love, truthfulness, and courageous action.

We recognize the need to excavate the dark and forgotten places in our hearts, to heal from past and present traumas, and to embrace restoration and reconciliatory practices with one another, in order to show up to this work well and empowered. We make space for our heartbreak and anger, uncertainty and regret. For our joy, wonder, laughter, tenderness, grief and praise.

As we act to honor, uplift, and defend life, we are committed to taking and holding the initiative. We show up authentically, standing for what we believe in, with strength and firm resolve, and with openness, love, and respect for all we encounter. This love for all is expressed without timidity or deference to those who would exploit or demean us and others.

We seek to lovingly hold one another accountable to the ways we ourselves cause both personal harm and systemic exploitation. We center the building of trust and love among us, knowing that ultimately the strength of our relationships with one another will be the measure of our contribution to the movement.

  • How do we stop injustice in its tracks while acknowledging the interconnectedness of all people?
  • How do we protect ourselves while nurturing a relationship with our broken-heartednness?
  • How do we build a movement that can shut down a highway while creating a culture of opening up?
  • How do we build a movement with the militancy to occupy a government building and the sensitivity to see it as an act of healing?
  • How can we come to experience vulnerability as a strength, not a weakness?

Our world is in crisis. Our social systems are being torn apart, our economic systems have created historic levels of wealth disparity, and earth’s life support systems are on the brink of collapse. The need for a powerful direct action movement that nurtures a radical, fundamental transformation has never been greater. Despair seems to be in the air we breathe and can be felt in the depth of our hearts.

Yet our need is not only a transformation of systems and laws and policies. What we yearn for is a fundamental transformation of our hearts, our values and our relationships – to ourselves, to each other, and to the earth.

Fierce Vulnerability is an attempt to build such a movement. A movement that understands the assertiveness that is needed to address the crises of our times. A movement that sees social change as a radical act of healing. A movement that knows that each of us needs to heal as much as those we may feel compelled to blame. A movement that knows that violence hurts all parties. A movement that will never see any individual as disposable, undeserving of dignity, or incapable of transformation.

Fierce Vulnerability is born of the conviction that our vulnerability is our greatest strength. Vulnerability makes us whole, and that wholeness is the only thing that can undo generations of investment in plunder and exploitation.

Join us and let us explore together what it might look like to enter into movement spaces with the courage to be our whole selves, sometimes courageous, sometimes fearful, sometimes clear, sometimes confused, sometimes joyous, sometimes grieving, often a mixture of all of these. We seek to bring ourselves as we are, in service to life, growing in our capacity to be fierce in our vulnerability and vulnerable in our ferocity.


Chris Moore-Backman is the Operations Coordinator at East Point Peace Academy, is the author of the book The Gandhian Iceberg and the producer of the radio documentary series, Bringing Down the New Jim Crow. He has worked with many organizations working on peace and justice issues, and has served on international peace teams in Colombia and Palestine.

Kazu Haga is the founder of East Point Peace Academy and is a trainer/facilitator in nonviolence and restorative justice. He has over 20 years of experience in social justice work, and is deeply committed to empowering incarcerated communities and building Beloved Community.

To learn more about the trainers, visit East Point Peace Academy’s website

Speakers – Workshops – Youth Program – Children’s Program – Music, Dance, Poetry – Boating/Swimming

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