Korean War not over

Korean War not over

by Mary Margaret Pruitt, printed in The Seattle Times, January 6, 2018, page A7

U.S. policy toward Korea has been deadly and dominating [“How Korean War shaped current tensions for U.S.,” Jan.2, A3]. Three million to 4 million Koreans were killed; 70 percent were civilians;25 percent of North Korea’s prewar population was killed; the U.S. bombed with napalm; and children in North Korea are taught that the U.S. perpetrated a Holocaust.

We claim to be a democracy working as part of the United Nations. We have not arranged a peace treaty to end the Korean War. We have escalated our bases and military personnel in South Korea in opposition to the desires of many Koreans. We have not been supportive of the strong will of many Koreans to reunite their country. We have insisted on holding war games. Which are threatening and offensive near North Korea.

Justice and peace will be achieved through diplomacy and negotiation, not armed violence and belligerence.

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